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Rubber Duck Battle

Rubber Duck Battle


Rubber Duck Battle is based on the classic "Battle Ships" game. Instead of trading shots to sink different warships, Rubber Duck Battle depicts two duck ponds sitting side by side in close enough proximity that the ducks can toss small boulders over to the neighboring pond to capsize opposing ducks. When all five ducks in a pond are capsized, the opposing team wins.


Rubber Duck Battle can be played interactively, using two different devices (phones, tablets, etc.) that share the same WIFI network. Pairing is automatic. If no WIFI opponent is available, the user can choose to play against the computer (“Solo Mode”).


The game can be played with two scoring options. One option only requires a single boulder to capsize the opposing duck. The other option requires all four squares that a duck occupy be targeted before it is capsized. To accomodate "older" players playing "younger" players, the older player's setup might require targeting all four squares of the younger player's ducks, whereas the younger player would only a single boulder to capsize the other ducks.


In Wifi mode, the setups of the two devices must match. The game takes care of this synchronization automatically. 


A 15-page User's Guide in PDF format is included, which can be viewed on the device or transferred to an online printer, email or any "notepad" type application.

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