Peg Guru Application

Peg Guru Application

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The beloved Peg Puzzle game, made famous by Cracker Barrel restaurants.




    • Program Details

      Peg Guru lets you to play standard 14-Peg puzzles from any starting position. Alternatively, the user can play a randomly generated partial puzzle, which is guaranteed to have at least one Genius solution. The user can also play a puzzle created from scratch. If no Genius solution is found, a “Best Finish” is calculated.

      Most of the Peg game apps on the market have a Play mode; some have both a Play and a Demo mode. What makes this app different is its Search Mode.

      There are 438,998 "genius" solutions for all 14-peg puzzles covering all 15 starting peg positions. All are loaded in the game's database. The user can select starting and finishing positions and query the database for every solution that matches the search parameters.

    • Modes of Operation

      • PLAY - Continuously recalculates all remaining solutions after each move. Two levels of HINT are offered. Unlimited REDO.
      • DEMO - Continuous recalculations as in PLAY Mode, except VCR-type PLAY/REWIND buttons are used to step through the puzzle(s).
      • SEARCH - User can query the database, sorting on specific starting and finishing positions. If ALL/ALL is queried, the full database is selected. VCR-type PLAY/REWIND buttons are used to step through the puzzles.
    • Features

      • A scrollable HELP file containing rules and instructions.
      • Windows-style menu system.
      • Selectable peg colors.
      • Create and play your own boards.
      • Try any puzzle. If no “genius” solution is found, a “Best Finish” calculation is displayed and demonstrated.
      • Simple concept: No sounds, music, timers, statistical records or collaborative play.
      • This game app is offered for free, with no third party advertising. Donations are welcome and can be made by visiting the developer’s website: