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Peg Duel

Peg Duel


Peg Duel is based on the beloved Peg Puzzle game, made famous by Cracker Barrel restaurants. The goal of the game is to figure out a pattern of peg jumping that leaves the fewest number of pegs on the triangular board.


The original game was known as Peg Solitaire, and was strictly a one person game. Competition involved taking a turn at solving the puzzle, then resetting the puzzle and passing the board over to your opponent. 


Peg Duel is different. It introduces the concept of interactivity, achieved through the use of Network technology. Now the game can be played using two different devices (phones, tablets, etc.) as long as they share the same Network network. If no Network opponent is available, the user can choose to play against a Computer Opponent, or practice the game in its original solitaire mode.




There are two user settings which dictate the difficulty and scope of the game:


 - NUMBER OF PEGS in the match (4-14). This setting can be different for each player. This is a convenient way to give an advantage to a younger or less capable player. For instance, the inexperienced player might have to solve a 5 or 6 peg game, whereas a more experienced player might have to solve a game with an appropriately higher number of pegs.


 - NUMBER OF PEGS REMAINING. This determines when the match is over. 

Network MODE


When playing in the Network mode, the two devices find each other on the network and establish a communication link automatically.     


Although the number of pegs can differ in the devices, the Number of Pegs Remaining setting must match. The game takes care of this through a automatic synchronization process.

At this point, you’re free to solve the puzzle. Your moves will be updated on your opponent's device in real time and opponent's moves update on your device in real time.




Note that both gameboards are identical. Player 1 will work to solve the puzzle first, followed by the Computer Opponent, whose moves will be made in a semi-random manner.




Great for practice. At the conclusion of the try, user has the option of Replaying their moves or Solving the puzzle using a solution from the database. A new puzzle is always available.




A 25-page User's Guide in PDF format is included, which can be viewed on the device or transferred to an online printer, email or any "notepad" type application.


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