Math Scholar (iOS)

Math Scholar (iOS)

Math Scholar is a fun educational app that helps kids dramatically sharpen their math skills! Its main purpose is to build mental math expertise through the use of a simple, entertaining interface. Originally designed for teaching the multiplication tables, it was expanded to include tables for all four of the basic mathematical operations. In addition to these tables, it includes both a Quiz and Practice modes.


  • Features

    - PRACTICE Mode. Basic integer addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Answers are always positive integers, thus no remainders or negative numbers are possible. The upper number limit is selectable (default = 12).

      -- Randomly generated practice questions are presented as two arguments separated by the selected operator and ending with an Answer Box with a question mark:

         arg1 ® arg2 = [ ? ]     Pressing the box reveals the answer. Thus, no multiple choices are needed nor is the phone keyboard required for entries. Just mental math. Since questions are randomly generated, every practice session is unique.

    - TABLES Mode. In addition to multiplication ("Times Table"), tables are provided for Addition, Subtraction and Division. 

    - QUIZ Mode.
      -- Select up to 25 questions for quizzes.
      -- Select Math operation to be tested (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication or Division). 
      -- Select upper limit for Addends (Addition), Multipliers (Multiplication), Divisors (Division) and Subtrahends (Subtraction).
      -- Optional Elapsed Time Timer (invisible unless selected).
      -- An onscreen number keypad is used to record answers. No phone keyboard needed, no full typewriter display needed. Just numbers.
      -- After quiz is complete, answers can be reviewed/corrected before Grading.

    - GRADING Mode.
      -- Displays all problems and user answers. A symbol is displayed to indicate correct (✔) or incorrect (✘) answers. If answered incorrectly, the correct answer is shown in [brackets].
      -- Score results are shown as correct answers vs questions asked (n out of q) as well as a percentage grade.
      -- If the timer was enabled, an elapsed time is shown from quiz start to entering Grading Mode.


  • Why You Need It

    Kid-friendly interface. Ten minutes a day will help improve any child's basic math skills, especially the mental math skill.