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Flash Cards

Flash Cards



Teacher and parent approved!

Flash Cards... JUST Flash Cards. No annoying sound effects, quiz options, timers, ads or in-app purchases. 

Kids can use the app with minimal parent or teacher supervision.

Flip the cards just like real flash cards! Simple, easy to use interface. The front side of the card shows the question and the back side of the card shows the answer. Simply tap the question card and the card flips over to the answer. 

If your answer is correct, tap the answer card. A new question card will be presented.

If incorrect, press the red X. This will save the card into memory for later review. A new question card will be presented

To review wrongly answered cards, use the MR (Memory Recall) button. The cards will be presented in the order saved. If you answer the problem correctly this time, simply tap the answer card. This will remove the card from memory. If incorrect again, press the red X again and the card will be retained in memory.

Pressing the MC button twice in a row clears all cards in memory.

Other buttons at the bottom of the screen:

- High Number: Each press will increment the high number (2 - 12) 

- Math Operation: Each press will cycle through the available math operations:

  +  Addition

  ++ Pairs additon (1+1, 2+2, etc.)

  -  Subtraction

  x  Multiplication

  xx Pairs Multiplication (3x3, 5x5, etc.)

  ÷  Division


- POSITIVE INTEGER Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division. No negative numbers, no fractional quotients.

— Excellent graphics. Supports all current iPhone, 7" tablets and 12" iPads.

— Memory Save/Recall/Clear

— User selected High Number

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