Avionics Toolbox (Windows)

Avionics Toolbox (Windows)


Avionics Toolbox

This app assists the technician in determining common measurements in several subject matter areas of avionics that are taught as part of an aircraft electronics technician (AET) certification course.



-- Inductor, Capacitor and Resister (LRC) series and parallel circuits
---  Z (Impedance), XL, XC (reactance), Phi (Phase angle)
---  Circuit Current, component voltage drops
---  Circuit characteriztion (Inductive/Capacitive)



-- Find Resonant Frequency (LRC Series & Parallel circuits)
-- Find L/C component for resonance

Time Constants:

-- RC and RL circuits to charge/discharge



-- RC/RL Low Pass

-- RC/RL High Pass

-- RC Band Pass

-- RC Reject (Notch)

-- Series Resonant (LRC) Band Pass

-- Parallel Resonant (LRC) Reject (Notch)


Transistor Biasing

-- Common Emitter configuration of 2N2222 bipolar junction transistor (bjt).



-- Colpitts oscillator

-- Hartley oscillator



The user of Avionics Toolbox for any specific application without an independent verification of its accuracy does so at his/her own risk and assumes any and all liability resulting from such use. No warranty is offered as to the accuracy of results. Users should have a thorough understanding of the relevant theoretical criteria. 

Avionics Toolbox
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